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Oct 27 2020 35 mins  

Creativity through the lens of a Chropractor 

"I look at creativity as the tool to help you get through some of the challenges of the day, wheather it's physical, mental or emotional."

Dr. Simon Dove has run several chiropractic offices for over 22 years. In the forefront is his commitment to helping people become resourceful and operating at their optimum. His focus has been on a unique form of Chiopractic that addresses not only physical alignments and traumas but also mental and emotional tensions as they apply to the nervous system. This work has changed my life. The depth of healing physically and emotionally, bringing us to a greater depth of our spirit, surpasses anything I have ever experienced in the world of health and wellness — personally and professionally.
My wish for people is that they have access to the energy and resources within themselves to create a Life of their dreams.