Ep 2 - Aligning Sales and Marketing and Speeding Up Your Sales Funnel

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Apr 26 2020 58 mins  

Mindwhirl Marketing Podcast Episode 2 - In this episode we cover how to align Sales and Marketing using content and process. We discuss how software is not the answer to alignment, instead you need a solid process built upon the buyer's journey and content specifically designed to move the sale along through awareness, interest, education and information designed to build desire in your prospect and entice them to purchase.

The topics covered in this episode relate to the new, most profitable way to market your business using digital marketing named the Client Magnet System.

For an overview of the Client Magnet System, download the Client Magnet System QuickGuide: https://www.mindwhirl.com/lp/m-lp-cms-quickguide.html

To go even deeper and learn all about what the Client Magnet System has to offer, attend our Wednesday webinar: https://www.mindwhirl.com/lp/b-lp-cms-webinar.html

Learn even more at Mindwhirl: https://www.mindwhirl.com/