ReGenAg Live Chat 7: Can sheep be regenerative? - Yann le Du and Rich Thomas

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Aug 27 2020 96 mins  

Nic Renison and Liz Genever - two of the founders of Carbon Calling - will be talking to Yann Le Du - consultant and retired researcher and farmer - and Rich Thomas - mixed farmer from Herefordshire - about their experiences of working with sheep on herbal and diverse swards and tall grass grazing systems. A significant number of the approaches for regenerative agriculture are focused on beef cattle, so we are keen to explore how and where sheep fit.

Yann was an applied grassland researcher for ten years, then a sheep and beef farmer for 32 years. He has been involved in regenerative approaches, particularly herbal leys, for nearly ten years ago. He is now a grassland consultant. 

Rich farms with his parents in Herefordshire. He is just starting to bring regenerative approaches to the farm and is currently trialling the best approaches when grazing sheep and cattle together. He is aiming to reduce his inputs further, but his mother hates the weeds.