Episode 1: Our First Ever Podcast Episode!

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Apr 30 2020 18 mins  

Hey there, world!  Welcome to our first ever podcast episode!  Do you ever wonder what your pups are doing all day when you're working or uh, doing whatever it is that you do when you leave the house?  We're not ONLY thinking about you (although we do spend a good amount of time doing that), we're also thinking about food, pooping, life, the mailman, the really bad itch on our butt that only you can reach (so why aren't you home?), and a whole lot of other things too!

Some say that it's our relationship that makes our show pop, but we think it's because we have a unique take on all things furry and fleshy!  Tune in if you want a good laugh or if you just want to learn a little bit about us or your own pup.  New episodes drop every Monday wherever you get your podcasts.  

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Thanks for tuning in...Smell You Later!
-Zetty And Indy

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