Episode 19: We Wanna Imprint On You!

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Sep 13 2020 26 mins  

In this week's episode, we talk about imprinting.  You know, like the way Jacob imprinted on Bella (yeah, we watched "Twilight"-- Mother forced it on us!)  Just like Jacob the werewolf, we dogs know how to imprint on our fleshies, so we'll talk about all the different ways your pups may be imprinting on you! 

Then we have one more episode to go before we hit the brakes for a month.  (We need a doggy spa day!).  Put it in your calendar, because after our awesome Season Finale next Monday, we'll be back for Season 2 on Monday, October 19th.  If you're a Patreon, you'll get the episode in your inbox on the Friday before, October 16th!  Sign up today at patreon.com/thezettyandindyshow and you'll get special perks like early access to our show, exclusive bonus episodes, and more!  Keep checking in every Monday, though-- you never know, we may just throw a bonus episode or two in between our break!  

Oh and don't forget to send us any questions or comments or even suggestions on what you'd like us to talk about in future episodes.  We always love to hear from you!

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