Episode 20: Season One Finale- The Zodiac!

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Sep 20 2020 23 mins  

Let's be honest, this final episode of our very first season of The Zetty and Indy Show is not just about the Zodiac and which dog you fleshies should get depending on your astrological sign...noooooo....this episode is about so many things!  Revenge, desire, fear, old pals, adventure....well, we won't give it all away now, will we?  Oh, and Zetty finally makes good on his promise and performs a rap!  It might've taken the entire season, but he finally got the nerve (I was going to write balls, but we know he literally doesn't have any)!

Set your calendars now for a full return and a brand spankin' new Season Two of the Zetty And Indy Show on Monday, October 19th.  And keep tuning in every Monday for some mini-episodes for the next three weeks!  If you want to be a complete badass, sign up today to become a Patreon at patreon.com/thezettyandindyshow to get special exclusive benefits like early access to our shows, bonus episodes, bloopers/outtakes, and more!  For as little as $3/a month you can help support the show and also get lots of other awesome perks!

So thanks again to all our listeners for making this first season of The Zetty And Indy Show so special.  We can't wait to show you what's in store for Season Two!  Remember to keep tuning in every Monday to hear our mini-episodes until we come back strong on Monday, October 19th!  So until then...

Smell Ya Later!

-Zetty and Indy

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