Mini Episode 1: The Lay-Moe Show!

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Sep 27 2020 12 mins  

This is Mozart the Moe sending you alohas and how-do-you-do's (well those are from Miss Layla, actually).  We have officially hijacked The Zetty And Indy Show while those two mutts are out somewheres running the streets.  We'll be hosting mini-episodes for the next three weeks, so buckle up kids, 'cuz this ride's gonna be awesome!

In this week's episode, we talk about the top 20 countries that are dog-friendly.  Just in case you're in desperate need of a vacation somewheres or you just want to get the hell out of dodge!  We'd love to check out some of these amazing places on the list-- we just gotta figure out how to fly...or drive the time machine...or get you fleshies to take us!

Each upcoming episode that we do is gonna be short and sweet.  Layla and I have our own things to sort out (as you will see when you tune in).  Plus, since it's really our first time doing this, we want to keep your attention.  So think of each one as a mini-episode until Zetty and Indy come back (fingers crossed), on October 19th.

Thanks again for listening as always, and in the words of Cousin Zetty and Indy...Smell Ya Later!

-Mozart the Moe and Layla

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