Ep. 34: Jerry Hoepner, Ph.D. - Peeling the Layers of a Meltdown

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Feb 20 2018 41 mins  

In NBC’s award winning series, This is Us, Mandy Moore’s character Becca, a new mother of three, leaves the house for the first time after the childbirth to buy groceries so that she can make something special for her husband, Jack. Ordinarily, Becca plays by the book and goes with the flow but an encounter where another shopper grabs the last bag of yellow onions that Becca wanted for herself leads to a massive meltdown. One can clearly see what happens when the demands on a capable and caring person like Rebecca exceeds her capacity as woman who’s recovering from postnatal blues and warding off the unlimited pressure of raising babies. This episode, my guest, Professor Jerry Hoepner, will talk about the daily tug of war where a novel context causes a seismic shift in the demands and deterioration in the performance as it exceeds capacity.

About Jerry Hoepner, Ph.D.
Jerry Hoepner, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is an Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. He teaches coursework in adult neurogenics, including Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroanatomy & Physiology, Aphasia, Acquired Cognitive Disorders, Dysphagia, and Counseling. He is co-developer of the UW Systems SoTL Think Tank, an annual disciplinary consortium of faculty interested in evidence based instruction and scholarship of teaching and learning research. He is a founding editor and editor-at-large of the Teaching and Learning in Communication Sciences and Disorders (TLCSD) journal. Jerry’s teaching research focuses on non-course based learning
opportunities, pedagogy, and training CSD students as educators. This research has been published in a variety of journals, including: the Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning and Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

He also remains active in clinical research, including student and camper outcomes at the Chippewa Valley Aphasia Camp, social networking applications for individuals with aphasia, Video Self-Modeling interventions for individuals with acquired cognitive disorders, and communication partner training. This research has been published in a variety of journals including Brain Injury, Aphasiology, and the Journal of Interactional Research in Communication Sciences and Disorders. In addition, Dr. Hoepner has published several chapters in edited texts. He remains active in community programming for individuals living with traumatic brain injuries and those living with aphasia, including being a co-founder of the Chippewa Valley Aphasia Group, Chippewa Valley Aphasia Camp, Mayo Mild Brain Injury Group, and Blugold Brain Injury Group.


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