Episode 2: Talking Morocco with Kate Woods, Australian Expat/Tour Operator at MoroccoBespoke

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May 24 2020 72 mins  

How are you coping with changes caused by the pandemic? Are you needing a new job, career, adventure, life? Meet Kate Woods of MoroccoBespoke.com. In 2014 each of us flew from empty nests--hers in Melbourne, Australia, mine in Nashville, Tennessee-- and landed in Marrakech, Morocco. She’s still there. Learn how she and other expats are coping with lockdown, a curfew, and closed borders since March 16. If you’ve fallen under Morocco’s spell, relive the magic. If you haven’t been yet, learn why it has such allure and meet us there Summer 2021. Whatever your dream is, Kate will inspire you to chase it! Music Credits: Carole Edwards, "Come and Run Away with Me," Chris Haugen, "Casablanca Caravan," Dan Lebowitz, "Mysteries" To watch the Skype interview with photos go here. Photo Credits: Cindy McCain and Kate Woods