Episode 4: Talking Oregon, Coping with Covid, Old Times and New Lives with Dr. Kim Roberts

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Jun 19 2020 70 mins  

Have you ever been on a vacation and wanted to stay? Is there a place where your body relaxes and your heart whispers that you are home?  How do we make major moves happen? How in the era of Covid-19 do we accept and navigate unwanted change?  Join a talk with Dr. Kim Roberts, a psychotherapist who moved to Jacksonville, Oregon with her husband, Andy, to live a new dream. Kim's many lives will inspire you. In the year of the Great American Road Trip, she'll convince you there's nowhere like Oregon, so grab a kindred spirit and just drive. And BONUS: If you are a woman who is over 50, single again, and braving the dating world in hopes of sharing life with a partner, hear what her research reveals about how we are making meaningful connections and living rich, full lives in creative ways.
Music Credits: Carole Edwards, "Come and Run Away with Me," Chris Haugen, "Casablanca Caravan," Dan Lebowitz, "Mysteries" To watch the Skype interview with photos go here
Photo Credits: Cindy McCain and Kim Roberts