#1 - From web to app developer, building apps for Android + Apple TV, and creating online coding courses - with David Cruz Anaya

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Jun 10 2020 32 mins  

Today's guest is David Cruz Anaya - a lead Android developer with a background in web development.  David has built apps for Android, Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV, as well as running his own online coding courses at in both English and Spanish, and currently is the lead developer of a 5 man team.

In this episode we discuss

  • Switching from being a web developer to an app developer
  • Building apps for Android TV, Fire TV and Apple TV
  • How to create your own online coding courses
  • The future of app development (think Flutter)

You can find David on Instagram @dacran, you can find his online courses at lastreact.com and lastreact.es, and finally you can find his music on Spotify


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