#2 - Being a Digital Nomad, working location independant, freelancing for Google & living the 4 Hour Work Week lifestyle with Mike Akakpo

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Jun 16 2020 57 mins  

Today's guest is Mike Akakpo - a Digital Nomad & location independent freelancer that's spent the last 4 years working on a range of freelance projects all around the world.  Mike has worked on whole range of unique apps including for the Olympics in Barcelona, and even a stint as a freelancer Google - working on some of their bespoke R&D projects.

In this episode we discuss

  • Being a Digital Nomad
  • How he made the switch to a location independent freelancer
  • Living the 4 Hour Work Week
  • Generating passive income

You can find Mike on Instagram @iammikeyao, on LinkedIn and on his website https://nomadiq.co.uk/


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