LinkedIn Tips That Will Change Your Job Search Completely

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Aug 14 2020 33 mins  

LinkedIn Tips That Will Change Your Job Search Completely

Lorie Camacho, LinkedIn expert, shares her step-by-step approach to finding your next job using the tool that has changed the way we look for work.

Lorie Camacho is a LinkedIn coach, workshop facilitator, and corporate consultant who leverages a unique style to engage and motivate professionals to find more happiness in their current job, build an online presence and organize strategies for success in their career networking. Lorie has a master’s in teaching with technology and incorporates science-based learning and clear objectives into all of her engagements.

Lorie’s top priority in consulting is helping people to unlock the barriers that keep them from networking strategically and effectively. She also makes LinkedIn fun!

Why is LinkedIn So Important?

I asked Lorie to join me on this podcast because LinkedIn is the place to be if you're looking for work, but few people make full access of what this tool has to offer. As an example, many people I know who are currently out of work, still haven't joined LinkedIn. Others are on the platform but their profiles are outdated or sparsely filled. That's not going to get you a job in 2020 and certainly not when so many people are out of work thanks to COVID-19.

But fear not. With Lorie's LinkedIn tips, you can quickly get your profile updated and develop a strategy for networking to find work.

And if you're not out of work at the moment, then this podcast episode is still a must-listen. As Lorie shares in this interview, LinkedIn should not simply mirror the text on your resume. In her words, "your resume is written towards your history...LinkedIn is all about networking and creating opportunities for your future."

So whether you're currently unemployed or not, listen to this episode to get LinkedIn tips that could change your current (or future) job search completely.

Now Forget About the LinkedIn Tips

During this interview, at least three times Lorie gave advice on how to handle a situation--for example, whether or not to write "open to hire" in your bio, when to tell a connection that you're looking for work, and how to cover a gap on your resume--but ultimately she said you needed to decide for yourself what to write and what to say.

Though some may find that vagueness frustrating, I find the advice empowering because it leaves room for you to seek inspiration in your job search. Though I have had people tell me that they do not believe the Lord cares what you do for a living. I disagree. But even if He doesn't care about your actual job (I think He does, but let's just say for a moment that he doesn't), I still believe He does care about your ability to provide for your family. And that means He should be consulted in your career moves.

So as you listen to this episode full of LinkedIn tips that I promise will change how you apply for jobs, be open to the possibility that the Lord has a different plan for you than the one you currently are working through. Like Matthew Holland's talk on Wrong Roads and Revelation, sometimes you need to go the wrong direction first in order to confidently stride into the right one.

What You'll Learn in this Episode

  • Four steps to using LinkedIn for your job search
  • The difference between your resume and your LinkedIn profile
  • The "Who, Why, and What" that must go into every network connection
  • The right way to buid your LinkedIn network
  • What to do after you apply for a job on LinkedIn
  • Most Importantly: How Lorie has seen the Lord’s hand in her career