Everything You Need to Know About Working With a Recruiter

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Sep 28 2020 37 mins  

Everything You Need to Know About Working With a Recruiter

Jennifer Anderson, recruiter and career coach of 22 years, shares how to use a recruiter to find your next opportunity to bless the world.

About Jennifer Anderson

When I wake up at 3AM, I just want to fall back asleep.

When that doesn't happen, my "please help me to fall back asleep" prayer usually starts as a simple request. By 4AM, it's a frustrated plea for divine assistance. By 5AM, I've either solved the world's problems or created new ones. Never once have I considered that the Lord may keeping me awake for a reason.

But after talking to Jen Anderson, career coach, recruiter, and author of the "3am With God" Journal, I am starting to wonder if He's been trying to tell me something.]

A 3am Wake-Up Call

The "3am With God" journal and guided course is something Jen felt prompted to create after she received an impression at (you guessed it) 3AM.

After pushing the idea aside for a bit, she finally got to work collaborating with God on what is now a tool she uses to help others figure out what the Lord may be prompting them to do.

Of that experience, she said, "What that did for me was it introduced a new product into my business world that was basically telling the world that I am a Christian woman, and as a woman of faith, I'm inviting other people to recognize the inspiration they're getting at 3:00 AM in the mornings. That that's a secret divine time. If you read in the scriptures, there's many examples of people being awakened from dreams and visions and all sorts of stuff in the middle of the night."

A Better Recruiter

The funny thing is, the journal is not why I wanted to interview Jen.

I wanted to talk to her because she's been a career coach and job recruiter for more than two decades. She's helped thousands of people find meaningful employment through a process I know very little about. But after talking to her on this subject as well, I'm starting to wonder what I might have been missing during the day now too.

I learned in this interview that a recruiter could be your biggest ally in making a faithful career move. A good recruiter can help you find employment opportunities that are not posted on job boards, make sure the hiring manager carefully reviews your resume, get you in for an interview, and help you negotiate a higher salary.

Why wouldn't you use a recruiter? 

Listen to this interview with Jen Anderson to learn more about the role of a good recruiter, how to find one that specializes in your field of expertise, and what you need to do to make the relationship work. I promise, after listening, you too will be wondering what else you've missed.

What You'll Learn in this Episode

  • The role of a good recruiter
  • The difference between a recruiter and a corporate recruiter 
  • How to find a recruiter who will be a good fit for you 
  • How to manage the recruiter relationship
  • How Jen came up with the idea to create the 3am With God journal
  • Most Importantly: How Jen has seen the Lord’s hand in her career

Mentioned in this Episode

  • 3am With God - Jen's middle-of-the-night inspiration that turned into a coaching tool she uses to help people act on what God is prompting them to do. 
  • Career Coach Jen - Jennifer Anderson's Career Coaching website: "Career Advice for Working Christian Moms"