Finding a New Home (and Business) After a Devastating Financial Loss

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Oct 14 2020 24 mins  

Finding a New Home (and Business) After a Devastating Financial Loss

When she lost her business, her savings, and all hope of a quick financial recovery, Jaylene Groeniger returned to her roots and dug into real estate. Now she is one of the most successful realtors in the Treasure Valley.

About Jaylene Groeniger, Real Estate Agent

After working for more than 30 years in a highly profitable family business, Jaylene Groeniger and her husband expected they would eventually take over and run the company until their own retirement. But that didn't happen.

When the 2008 California housing crisis came knocking, home prices fell, foreclosures increased, construction permits halted, and nearly every business in and around the housing industry got burned--including the Groeniger's long-standing pipe supply company, a 72-year-old business.

As Jaylene said, "My husband, after working there for 32, 33 years for the family business walked away with literally nothing."

Had they known about the impending collapse or even had an inkling that they would not get a penny from the eventual acquisition of their business, the Groenigers likely would have made some adjustments to save their own home, grow other businesses they had started, and stay in California. But that didn't happen either.

Listen to this episode to learn how Jaylene ended up in Idaho, and in an attempt to recover financially while still taking care of her kids at home, went into real estate full-time. She is now one of the Treasure Valley's most successful realtors.

What You'll Learn In this Episode:

  • How Jaylene transitioned into real estate and why
  • How to get started in real estate if you don't have savings
  • How to find a mentor to help you grow your new real estate business
  • The best (and worst) things about being a realtor
  • Most Importantly: How Jaylene has seen the Lord’s hand in her career

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