10 - Little Red Riding Hood

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Jun 01 2020 17 mins  

Today's Episode:
Today's Story is Little Red Riding Hood. The Mindfulness exercise is 1 Object, 5 Senses. The Closing Thoughts are some activity suggestions for self-care.

TL;DR - Those Suggestions are:

  • Take a long, warm bath: Make it a good one; it’s not about hygiene it’s about pampering yourself. Get all the senses involved by lighting a candle or getting some essential oils burning. Listen to soothing music or perhaps a podcast (wink wink, nudge nudge).

  • Stretch, but like really. Don’t just pull your leg up for 5 seconds and call it good. Really take your time with every part of your body - there’s a technique my Acting teacher used to have us do, where you go down your body from your head to your toes and each body part, you would tense while you slowly breathed in - hold it - and then release the tension as you let out your breath. We would lay on the floor to do this but you can lay in bed or just sit in a chair but make sure your full weight is being supported.

  •  Mini Dance Party: If you don’t like the slow, quiet times, mix it up! Put on some happy music that’s easy to dance to and get to it! Or maybe you can find some music videos or popular TikToks and dance with them; that’ll for sure get you laughing!

  • Take a walk: It’s a very popular activity to practice mindfulness and to just enjoy some silence. You can even find a bench or somewhere to just be and embrace the quiet. That’s a two-for-one idea, for ya!

  • Tasty Treat: If food is not a trigger for you, it’s a fun way to feel a little pampered by getting a piece of dessert or whatever your favorite snack food is and indulging a little without judgement. Allow yourself to enjoy that food and practice the 5 Senses technique on it, to get some mindfulness exercise in while you’re at it! 

Article Mentioned:  https://www.tor.com/2017/02/02/fairy-tales-little-red-riding-hood/

TITLE: Little Red Riding Hood

AUTHOR: Charles Perrault

VERSION: The Golden Book of Fairy Tales, Translated by Marie Ponsot and Illustrated by Adrienne Segur

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