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Jul 15 2020 24 mins  

Today's Episode:
Today's Story Sweet Dreams Roo. Mindfulness exercise is Simple Deep Breathing. The Closing Thoughts are How to get a restful sleep.

Website mentioned: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/ways-to-fall-asleep

    • Get on a Schedule, making sure to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.
    • Avoid Naps during the day. Now, I personally find a 20 minute nap at lunch helps me survive the rest of the afternoon but I also don’t have trouble sleeping at night. If you find that you cannot fall asleep at night, make sure you’re not napping during the day so you’re completely tired when you should be. 
    • Healthy Eating - yep, food’s always a contributor! If you’re planning on having a high-carb dinner, like pizza, stop eating at least 4 hours before bed so you have enough time to digest it. If your dinner is low-carb, this doesn’t apply as much. 
    • Exercise! Yeah… this one probably didn’t surprise you either. Just make sure not to do this one too close to bedtime.
    • Make sure you’re comfortable physically - do you have a good mattress? A high quality pillow? Nice pajamas? Did you go potty? Are your teeth and hair brushed? Small things can add up to help you feel relaxed and comfy!
    • Lower the Room Temperature, ideally between 60–75°Fahrenheit (15–23°Celsius)
    • Play around with your sleep position - if you’re having trouble falling asleep on your back, try your side. Your left side is specifically recommended for Sleep Apnea, Heartburn etc.
    •  Listen to relaxing music, read a traditional paper book, or practice meditation or mindfulness - more on this in just a moment.
    • You may find Journaling helpful to go through your thoughts - there are a few CBT guidelines you can follow if you’re interested in this route.
    • Aromatherapy, specifically lavender, can help you relax and encourage sleep. Just make sure. If you’re a pet owner, to research the essential oils you wish to use as some can be harmful to animals (Don’t worry, diluted Lavender oil is safe as long as they don’t eat it!) 
    • You can also try supplements like Melatonin or Magnesium to assist with encouraging sleep. I will not elaborate with doses as I am not a medical professional but this is an easy thing to Google if you’re interested.
  • Avoid The Following: 
    • Vigorous activity like working out at least one hour before bed
    • Caffeine 
    • Electronics: Turn off all Electronics, at least 30 minutes before bed. That means no cell phone! 
    • And stop looking at your clock, while you’re at it.
    • Lots of Carbs before bed; you might feel stuffed and sluggish but studies have shown your sleep won’t be restful. 

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