36 - Minisode 06 - Take a Mindful SEAT

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Oct 24 2020 6 mins  

Today's Episode:
Today's Minisode Cover's Dr. Chris Willard's exercise "Take A Mindful SEAT". His website is:

Mindful's Article on the Exercise:

1). We will begin as we do all Mindfulness meditation practices by sitting comfortably and focus on our breathing; Dr. Willard says if you need to, take a few deep, calming breaths, to quell the immediate sense of anxiety. When you are ready, you will then check in with yourself by using SEAT. S.E.A.T.

2.) S is for Senses and Sensations
Start by checking in with your body. What information are you getting through your five senses, and what information are any sensations in your body giving you right now?

3.) E is for Emotions
What emotions are present in this very moment?

4) A is for Actions
What do you feel like doing in this moment? Any urges or impulses to action?

5) T is for Thoughts
What thoughts are present in this moment?

You can walk through these mentally or if it would help, you can write down a few words or even draw some pictures to describe what’s happening in each part of the mindful SEAT. Sometimes, just putting it to paper can feel like a great release and you might start getting a new perspective on the issue or situation. 

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