Fit and Healthy Families: Interview with Dr. Orlena Kerek

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Sep 07 2020 28 mins  

During the podcast we talk about:

  • Her Story
  • Tips for a healthy life style
    • 4 Pillars of nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional wellness
  • Habits
  • Self care
  • Tips about healthy eating 

Dr Orlena trained as a pediatric doctor in the UK. In 2011 she moved to Spain with her husband and 2 young kids. To cut a long story short, she "accidentally lost" her medical career and turned to the internet to keep herself busy (initially as an outlet from parenting.) She started off helping parents of picky eaters teach their children healthy eating habits. The loss of her career (or self identity) combined with parenting 4 young children (twins came along in 2012) led to an inner emotional turmoil. When she looked at herself, she didn't see the happy joyous mother she aspired to be. When her husband became unwell, she realized that they both needed to prioritize self care. In the last few years, she has pivoted to teaching frustrated professional mothers to lose weight by leading a healthy life so they can feel fit and fabulous. The 4 pillars of self care that she teaches are nutrition, exercise, sleep and emotional wellness. She draws from her own experiences (still walking the trenches of parenting!) as well as the latest scientific research and thinking.

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