Come on in and laugh a bit as you get to know your Grit and Glam girls Allison and Dorothy!

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Aug 05 2020 39 mins  

Well, we did it! We made our first episode! No name, Star Wars music with just you, and us with our BIG personalities. We decided to let this beautiful beast develop as it will organically so you get to see the ugly gritty beginning! What does near death experiences, the enneagram, the book "A tale of Three Kings" and Brene' Brown have in common? Well nothing really except they are in this podcast! On this episode we let you guys get to know us "first date" style! What's that's mean? Well, we decide to play 20 questions! Well, almost 20. Unfortunately you will learn WAY more about each of us than you probably ever wanted to know, and definitely more than you ever needed to know. Like, how Allison could kinda-sorta-almost be a serial killer (we might have to keep an eye on her) or Dorothy's most embarrassing moment. Boy was that humiliating! (this was definitely a gritty moment). Join us as we kick off our heels and give you a glimpse of our gritty and glamorous hearts. Welcome to the Grit and Glam podcast!

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