Our Daughter's Don't Approve - Mother's and Daughter's Pt. 2

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Feb 09 2021 26 mins  

We finish off our two part series with Dorothy’s daughters Grace and Lindsey and Allison’s daughter Brooke, having real conversations about the generational divides that exist in parent child relationships and the disagreements that can arise from those.

The mothers and daughters discuss the hurdles often faced when a child/teen  begins expressing themselves through fashion or other means and how both parent and child can work through this divide by healthy communication. They discuss the difference between approval and acceptance and how that can play a big role in building a healthy relationship with your kids. From tattoos, the urban dictionary to mom jeans, we discuss the differences that each generation faces and how to build a bridge of mutual love and acceptance, even when we disagree.

Main Quotes:“Approval does not determine love.”

“The communication between generations has to be one based on mutual unconditional love and respect.”

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