Episode 5: Changing Careers, Part 1

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Sep 08 2020 63 mins  

It's our first two-part episode! We had so much to stay about changing careers that we couldn't fit it all into one hour, so we broke it into two!

In today's working world, it's more likely that employees will change careers a few times over the course of their professional lives. Now, we aren't talking about changing jobs, or finding new opportunities in the same industry, we get down to the heart of when it's time to completely change course and head in a new direction. What makes us qualified to talk about this? All three of your hosts have changed careers in their working life! Find out what Justin, Meg, and Ruthie did before hosting a podcast (and working full time in our current respective industries).

We want to keep this conversation going! Have you changed careers? How did you know it was time to make the jump?

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