Mindfulness During The Revolution with Dr. Monea.

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Aug 05 2020 47 mins  

On this episode of “Active Allyship…it’s more than a #hashtag!” …Sunni and Lisa introduce a new segment called “Did You Know?!” and we will ask each guest what they were marinated in. During the "Did You Know?!" segment, we share newsworthy topics that you may not have been aware of, trust us on this one!  We will also be asking our guests the question, "What were you marinated in?"  

We all know that the Revolution is a marathon, not a sprint; it’s a movement, not a moment.  Mindfulness During the Revolution with Dr. Monea is required listening.  What an informative discussion, some of the revelations are jaw-dropping!  We delve into what Dr. Monea was marinated in, and her metamorphosis into such an incredible wife, mom, yogi and resource.  Dr. Monea shares experiences along her journey to educate the masses and to amplify the voices of some of our most vulnerable. She shares tools for mindfulness during the Revolution for both Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) and our Allies.  We promise, you do not want to miss this episode either, especially when Dr. Monea realizes as a young child that she was different in the eyes of the privileged… and the “Village” that created a safe space for her to morph into her truest, most authentic self.  Dr. Monea is a modern day super-woman who understands the importance of making time to nurture herself.  She knows that the effort to inform, engage and act requires resilience. Dr. Monea shares the three “Rs”, I bet you want to know what they are, come on now, you know you have to listen to find out!

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