In The Beginning..... (Tricast Gaming Podcast Episode 1)

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Jul 25 2020 112 mins  

This is the first ever episode of the Tricast Gaming Podcast where the three of us (Philip, Mike, and Adam) channel the Triforce to discuss a variety of topics from the gaming world. Every week we talk about the games we are playing, all the latest hot news topics, games coming out this week that we are looking forward to, and our rotating Games Topic of the Week. On this episode we give you a rundown on our time with Satisfactory, currently available on Steam early access, and PS4's massive exclusive The Last of Us Part II. We discovered there might finally be a PlayStation controller that Mike's bear hands can use properly. One of our favorites, Sea of Thieves hit a major milestone in player base. There was a Nintendo mini-direct that we found less than stellar. The tremendously re-playable Rocket League is going Free-to-Play. There is a major clash of next gen philosophies brewing between gaming's two biggest heavyweights. June's NPD numbers are out and The Last of Us Part II enjoyed tremendous sales. We give you the details of our gaming histories and favorites game franchises. Oh and there might just be a little bit on the delays of new Avatar and Star Wars movies as well as the future of movie theaters.