Manifest It With Joi Yvette Ivey

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Aug 21 2020 43 mins  

Joi Yvette Ivey has most recently served 10 years as a high performing professional of the health insurance industry and truly enjoys serving others from her best self. During her current career, Joi earned a Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law from Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She is very passionate about sharing her experiences and how her story shaped her for the success that she manifested previously and those that she is currently creating. 

Manifesting Joiously is Joi’s eponymous passion project, a guide for other single parents, a community, and a manner of living that supports other single-parent families. Joi was born and reared in Chicago, Illinois. 

She is a successful, joyful, and sustained single mom of two glorious daughters who take her breath away each day. The newest addition to Joi’s loving family is a not so fierce Goldendoodle named Milo Juice.

In our interview Joi and I talked about everything from parenting to letting go of unhelpful narratives, to our experiences as recovering perfectionists and I'm sure her journey and her wisdom will resonate with you.

If you resonated with Joi's message and mission, you can reach her here:
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