Purposeful Business Creation With Glenda Houston

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Oct 12 2020 43 mins  

Glenda Houston is the owner of Purposed Professional Services. She’s on a mission to build a community of wealthy and thriving single moms who know their business purpose and who are creating wealth and a memorable legacy for themselves and their families. She’s dedicated to helping moms like her show up in excellence in business and motherhood. 

Glenda’s accomplishing this goal through business coaching that focuses on your business foundations - mindset, business idea development, the business plan, and the single mom's superpower - Singleness! So many times the word "single" gets a bad rep, but in the Purposed Professionals community of single moms, Singleness IS your SUPERPOWER and she’s here to show us how to fuel it! As Glenda likes to say, "Now let's build businesses!"

Special Offer Instructions: Glenda’s offering the first 10 podcast listeners that reach out to her a 20% discount on the already discounted Ultimate Business Brainstorming Course. Instead of $297 (a markdown from $597) you will receive it for just $237.60 plus all the goodies that come with it. All you have to do is sign up for the Free Webinar which is accessible directly from her website (www.mzpps.com). Just click the blue announcement bar, register, and watch the free webinar. Next, you’ll send an email to [email protected], name the Co-Create Podcast, and receive the discount code! OR you can skip the free webinar, email Glenda directly, and receive the discount code for the course right away!