25. Reading & Writing Are Not Separate Activities

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Oct 29 2020 11 mins  

If you want to write consistently without facing writer's block, you need to realize that writing is not simply about writing. It's also about reading and thinking. The longer your piece, the more reading you need to do. After all, writing is a conversation — both with other authors and readers. But many people think reading and writing are two separate activities — that they should be done at different times. That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is, reading and writing are not separate activities. Input and output go together. In order to inspire, you need to be inspired. In order to teach, you need to learn. One of my clients was struggling with writing consistently. After asking her a few questions, I realized that she did not write as she read, which made it difficult for her to write consistently. Watch our free training on the 3-step Stoic writing method that can help you write your dream book in 16 weeks.