34. Is Your Logic Impeccable?

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Nov 11 2020 7 mins  

Logic is the cornerstone of writing. If your logic is unsound while speaking, your audience may give you the benefit of the debt. But if your writing is logically unsound, you don't get a second chance. Writing affords you the opportunity to revise, so you have no excuse. What does it mean to have sound logic, though? Sound logic means meeting your audience where they are in terms of their beliefs and changing their beliefs sequentially through a logical series of statements. If you fail to do this, you lose your audience — and, worse still, they may think you are a fool. You should always ask yourself, "am I paying attention to logic?" and "is my logic impeccable?" Watch our free training on the 3-step Stoic writing method that can help you write your dream book in 16 weeks.