35. Rhetoric Can Backfire

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Nov 12 2020 7 mins  

Every so often, I pick up a book and start reading it, only to find out within the first few pages that the book is unworthy of reading and the author likely a fraud. The caveat, though, is that the book isn't necessarily terrible. Nor is the author necessarily a fraud. But some rookie writing mistakes make it so I believe so. Many of us use rhetoric — which we should — because it's a powerful weapon. However, rhetoric can be misused and abused, and it often is. If you misuse or abuse rhetoric, you undermine all the hard work you've done. It doesn't matter how smart you are; it doesn't matter how well-meaning you are. You must not only learn rhetoric, but you also must learn how to use it appropriately. It is better not to use rhetoric than to misuse or abuse it — because rhetoric can backfire. Watch our free training on the 3-step Stoic writing method that can help you write your dream book in 16 weeks.