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Dec 20 2019 8 mins  

Confidence is knowing exactly what you like.

Neat & Dirty: Whisky lover’s persona number one

Written by the amazing Erin Raimondo

Performed by the elegant Emily Wahlund 

Ear shattering audio composition, original music, and production engineering is all Alfred Montejano

Produced by the snazzy Rob Maigret, Asa Beal, and Alfred Montejano

Awesome art direction provided by Michele Svengsouk

With the technology prowess of Arka Ray and Calley Nye

Analytics master with the most zest is Ben Bagamery

Story editors with the golden pens are Julie Maigret, Asa Beal, and Rob Maigret

Excellent executive producers are Rob Maigret and Arka Ray 

Super special thanks & congratulations to Mike Ambs and Erica Hampton 

Story was originally published on the hyper powerful popularium.com

And recorded at The Blue Studio

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