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Jan 13 2020 8 mins  

Jamie's entire brand is built on being not-blend-in-able. And it works for her.

So Unusual: The Art Of Giving Zero F*cks

Written by Jamie Glowacki

Performed by Zadi Diaz

Audio composition and production engineering: Alfred Montejano 

Produced by Rob Maigret | Asa Beal | Alfred Montejano

Art Direction: Michele Svengsouk

Technology: Arka Ray | Calley Nye

Analytics: Ben Bagamery

Story editors: Rob Maigret | Asa Beal | Julie Maigret

Executive Producers: Rob Maigret | Arka Ray 

Special thanks: Mike Ambs | Erica Hampton  

Story originally published on popularium.com

Recorded at The Blue Studio

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