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Apr 29 2020 58 mins  

On this episode of How + Y I had the opportunity to connect with Jamie Tieche.  Jamie and I discuss many things, but most prominently we chat marketing and business.  While not currently his full time occupation, Jamie has and still runs a marketing company where he works to help businesses grow.  

Jamie and I talk marketing but we also had a very good discussion about innovating during the tough times that we’re currently going through.  Sometimes we get trapped in the ‘business as usual’ mindset instead of looking towards new and improved ways to market and operate.  COVID-19 has sped this process up for many and we don’t foresee these innovations leaving any time soon.  

I found this chat to be extremely fun which is probably why it lasted so long.  The time flew by to say the least.  I think the reason I enjoy talking with Jamie so much is because he possesses so much knowledge about a subject matter that I am so interested in.  I hope that you enjoy this chat as much as I did.

How to find Jamie:

Facebook: ‘Jamie Tieche:  The Marketing Mentor’
Twitter:  @jamietieche
LinkedIN:  Jamie Tieche

How to find me:

Podcast:  The Devon Young Podcast
Facebook:  @DevonYoungC21
Instagram:  @DevonYoungC21
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