Insights Career Advice & Agile Research with Monika Wingate, Digsite CEO

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Jul 31 2019 47 mins  

What would it be like to work in marketing insights across multiple companies and industries? Join me as we hear from Monika Wingate who did just that. Monika began as a corporate researcher at a Fortune 500 firm, worked for an ad agency, spent time in academia, founded her own consulting firm, and co-founded an agile technology platform called Digsite. Along the way, Monika shares how networking, following her passions and a focus on Agile research has led to her current role as CEO of Digsite. 

About the Digging for Insights Podcast

Whether you are a marketing research professional looking for career inspiration, or a business looking for ways to become customer focused, the Digging for Insights podcast is for you. How do you know what your customers really need? How can you use research to make critical business decisions? Join Stephen Griffiths, a Fortune 500 Corporate Researcher to find answers to these questions as you dig for the insights that will grow your business. Whether you work in marketing, consumer insights, customer experience, analytics or market research, this podcast provides case studies, how-to research methods and career advice that can accelerate your career.

About Digsite

Digsite’s leading agile insights technology makes it faster for teams to learn and iterate with consumers. Recruit and launch a Digsite Sprint community in little as 24 hours. Answer “why” questions, capture photos and video of experiences, and iterate on ideas under development. Digsite customers have seen a 10X increase in the number of decisions they can inform, 50% decrease in market research timelines, and significant incremental revenue from getting better ideas to market. Visit to learn more.