Innovating within large companies with Christina Wallace, coauthor of New to Big

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Aug 07 2019 53 mins  

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Innovating within a large corporation poses many challenges.  The Lean Startup, the classic book by Eric Ries, teaches how small teams can pivot and create new products quickly, but applying these principles in larger companies is not always clear. New to Big takes the next step by providing prescriptive advice for how large companies can innovate successfully by applying venture capital principles. Join us as we hear from Christina Wallace, coauthor of New To Big and VP of Growth at Bionic, as we talk about the mindsets needed for innovation, the importance of uncovering customer needs and the value of a zig-zag career.

About New to Big

Serial entrepreneurs David Kidder and Christina Wallace reveal their revolutionary playbook for igniting growth inside established companies. Most established companies face a key survival challenge, says David Kidder, CEO of Bionic, lifelong entrepreneur, and angel investor in more than thirty startups: operational efficiency and outdated bureaucracy are at war with new growth. Legacy companies are skilled at growing big businesses into even bigger ones. But they are less adept at discovering new opportunities and turning them into big businesses, the way entrepreneurs and early-stage investors must. In New to Big, Kidder and Wallace reveal their proprietary blueprint for installing a permanent growth capability inside any company--the Growth Operating System.  

About Bionic

Bionic seeds and launches startups that discover and solve new customer problems for the world’s most competitive companies. Bionic installs a new, permanent capability within large enterprises that leverages the mindset and mechanics of entrepreneurship and venture capital to deliver an always-on pipeline of growth.

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