Director of Insights at Nestle, Anna Estlund | Sports Marketing, Working Globally & Career Advice

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Feb 11 2020 44 mins  


  • What does marketing & insights look like at professional sports teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves (NBA)?
  • Lessons from working at a global headquarters in Switzerland
  • Career advice for insights professionals
  • What skills are most valued in insights today? Which are difficult to recruit for?


Anna Estlund has 15 years’ experience in consumer insights & marketing strategy, across CPG & entertainment.  She has an MBA from the University of Minnesota

She’s currently the Director of Insights, Media, and Analytics for Nestle Waters, based in Connecticut. Anna leads a team with 3 areas of expertise:  Consumer Insights & Analytics, Media & Search, and Consumer Engagement.


Get marketing and career advice from insights leaders through the Digging for Insights podcast, hosted by a Fortune 500 corporate researcher, Stephen Griffiths. Listen to conversations with the CEO of Digsite, Coauthor of New to Big, EVP of IPSOS and Director at Nestle, just to name a few. 

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