Six Keys To Choosing a Career | Personal Stories from Stephen Griffiths

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May 22 2020 24 mins  

With 15% unemployment, COVID-19 is changing many of our careers. In this episode I share my own experiences with choosing a career during the Great Recession--with help from friends and experts on LinkedIn. Whether you are in job transition, have recently completed college or know someone who is looking, I hope this episode provides the resources, tools and inspiration you need. 

  • Key #1: How to use the 7 Best Stories Method to identify skills & interests
  • Key #2: Why you should follow your instincts
  • Key #3: Use a Work History Review to identify qualities of a new career
  • Key #4: Use Strengthsfinder 2.0 to articulate your strengths
  • Key #5: Use informational interviews to “try on” new jobs
  • Key #6: Leverage online resources like

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