Ep 1 - Inclusive Designer Series...A Conversation with Jill Allen-King OBE MBE, Campaigner For Blind & Partially Sighted People

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Aug 20 2019 37 mins  

Welcome to Episode 2. 

Jill Allen-King has been to Buckingham Palace 7 times, received an OBE & an MBE and has been an ardent campaigner for  blind & partially sighted people for most of her life. 

Jill has led an interesting life with highs and lows but what really comes across through the podcast is her overwhelming positivity and desire to make a difference. 

We hope you get lots out of the episode. 


(01m.08s) Jill discusses how she became involved in the development of tactile surfaces? 

(8m.45s) Jill examines what everyday life was like before the introduction of tactile services for someone with blind/partially sighted.

(12m42s) Jill explains about how she handles people who arrive at the front door.

(01m.08s) ow Jill explains how she become involved in the development of tactile surfaces.

(17m.10s) Jill's thoughts on the 7 official types of tactile paving, that’s blister, Corduroy, platform edge that’s off street, platform edge on street, segregated shared cycle, guidance path surface informa tion surface, which in your opinion is the most and least effective and why.

(35m.15s) Jill concludes the podcast.  

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