Heating System Training at The Heating Academy

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Nov 07 2019 49 mins  

Heating system design is back in vogue (it never should have gone out of fashion as it's extremely vital). Here, Nathan travels to Northampton to visit Kim where he trains heating engineers in system design.

It should always be noted that the heat source whether it's a boiler or heat pump requires an efficient heating system otherwise there is no real efficiency. IMI Hydronic Engineering, Heat-Engineer.com and The Heating Academy understand how important heating system design is and are doing there best along with BetaTeach to get that message out. 

In this episode you'll hear Kim explain how his time in the army training people to operate a new complex weapons system was perhaps when he first realised the rewarding aspects of teaching people.

Topics covered are:
Low Loss Headers (LLH)
Close Couple Tees (CCT)
Heating System Design