Online customer reviews – best practices with ReviewMaxer’s Garrett Sussman

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Sep 09 2020 32 mins  

Learn to acquire and utilize your customers’ reviews to improve your business’ ranking and visibility with our guest, Garrett Sussman, from ReviewMaxer. He is a thought leader and expert in online-review management.    


Our episode guest is Garrett Sussman from ReviewMaxer. He is an expert in online-review management.


Managing and acquiring online reviews to get higher search-engine rankings.

Five things you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. What are the factors that Google uses to rank local businesses?
  2. Why are reviews from your customers important for your business?
  3. How do you get the best reviews from your customers?
  4. What is the best system to manage, monitor, and promote your online reviews?
  5. What is a review, and why is it a game-changer for the public-relations industry?


  • “Reviews right now are important to the local search space.” @ReviewMaxer
  • “The best and the easiest [thing] that customers can do for you right now is leaving you an online review.” @ReviewMaxer
  • “You are more likely to show up if you have a lot of positive online reviews.” @ReviewMaxer
  • “Online reviews account for 15% of how Google ranks a local business.” @ReviewMaxer
  • “The second part of that is social worth, that when someone sees other customers enjoy your services or products they are more likely to solicit your business.” @ReviewMaxer

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About Garrett and ReviewMaxer

Garrett Sussman is with ReviewMaxer, a powerful cloud software that allows companies to proactively manage their customers’ online reviews. You can track your reviews on more than 500 reviews sites to see how customers rate your company. Sussman is an expert in online review management. 

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