Going on "Undercover Boss" with Executive Producer Mike Cotton

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Sep 16 2020 32 mins  

Learn the production process for Undercover Boss and what it’s like to be on the show with our guest Mike Cotton. Cotton is an executive producer for Undercover Boss on CBS.


Our episode guest is Mike Cotton, executive producer of Undercover Boss on CBS. Cotton has 20 years of experience working in British and American broadcast television specializing in Factual Entertainment. 


Learn what to expect when you go on Undercover Boss.

 Five things you’ll learn from this episode: 

  1. What is the criteria for a company to appear on Undercover Boss?
  2. What Does it have to be a nationally recognized brand to go undercover?
  3. What can I expect from the upcoming season of Undercover Boss? 
  4. What is the production process for Undercover Boss? 
  5. How likely is it for an employee to recognize the undercover boss? 


  • “I’m looking for a boss that wants to do the experience, wants to embrace the undercover opportunity, and has a specific reason they want to go undercover in the first place.” — @MikeCotton1
  • “We want to feature a diverse workforce and feature diverse bosses.” — @MikeCotton1
  • “Undercover Boss is at its best when it’s at its most real.” — @MikeCotton1
  • “What we hope from this is that bosses will learn things that will result in company-wide changes.” — @MikeCotton1
  • “I think the only mistake a boss can make coming on the episode is not giving themselves over to the process.” — @MikeCotton1

About Mike Cotton

Mike Cotton is an executive producer/showrunner with 20 years of experience working in British and American broadcast television specializing in Factual Entertainment. He is best known for his work on Emmy Award-winning Undercover Boss in the UK and the US, and BAFTA winning formats that include the UK version of The Apprentice and The Only Way is Essex. He's been responsible for creating and developing numerous award-winning television formats that have successfully sold to British, American, and international networks.

Contact info and resources:

  • Twitter: @MikeCotton1

 Additional Resources:

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