Transitioning from a career in journalism to PR with David DeCamp

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Sep 22 2020 27 mins  

Learn how you can transition a career in journalism to PR with our guest David DeCamp, corporate communications manager at Crowley.


Our episode guest is David DeCamp, corporate communications manager at Crowley. DeCamp oversees all aspects of company content strategy and publication and directs internal communications, employer brand activities, and personnel.


The one with David DeCamp on how you can transition from a career in journalism to a corporate communications position.

Five things you’ll learn from this episode:

  1. How might you transition from a career in journalism to corporate communications? 
  2. How can you keep up with culture shock as you transition from news reporting to strategic communications?  
  3. Where should you get advice when you want to transition from journalism to public relations? 
  4. How do you balance your time as you manage media relations for an international company?
  5. How do you build relationships with different departments at an international company?


  • “As a reporter, you’re sort of a lone wolf. You may be working with a photographer, videographer, or an editor, but it’s a compartmentalized daily chase.” — @DaveDeCamp
  • “One of the things that is really important is setting out and getting advice from people who have practiced public relations successfully.” — @DaveDeCamp on transitioning from journalism to public relations
  • “You have to build relationships with people in different locations because you can’t be in 35 countries at once.” — @DaveDeCamp

About David DeCamp

David DeCamp’s responsibilities at Crowley include overseeing all aspects of company content strategy and publication, including social media content strategy and execution; multimedia content and personnel for digital marketing platforms and websites; magazines; and other material. In addition, DeCamp manages the company’s media relations activities at local, trade, and national levels. He also directs internal communications and employer brand activities and personnel.

DeCamp serves on the leadership committee for the Crowley Cares corporate social responsibility program and as a member of our corporate crisis management team, including incident response activities.

Contact info and resources:

  • Twitter: @DaveDeCamp
  • LinkedIn:

 Additional Resources:

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