Episode #42 Getting to Know Christian Stolte

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Aug 11 2020 21 mins  

We're changing this up a bit. Instead of one long episode, we're splitting up our episodes into two episodes. The first episode is an interview episode where we get to know our guests and the second episode is where we ask them about their best or worst day.

To kick us off, we've brought on Chicago Fire actor Christian Stolte to talk about his best or worst day. In this episode, we talked about what he did before acting, a bit about his acting career, and Martin and Christian reminisced about their acting days in Chicago.

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Our Guest

Our guest Christian Stolte is an actor on the NBC hit television show Chicago fire. He currently resides in Illinois. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram. And be sure to follow his daughter's food blog on Instagram.

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Our society is so focused on celebrity, we sometimes forget that “regular” people lead interesting lives too! Best or worst moment of your life? Hosts Koji Steven Sakai and M. Martin Mapoma are here to let your story out. We put people on the spot. What are you going to hear? It could be funny, it could be poignant, it could be sad… you’ll know when we know.

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