Episode #41 Best or Worst Day with Prince Dynast Amir

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Aug 04 2020 36 mins  

Hosts Koji Steven Sakai and M. Martin Mapoma invited Prince Dynast Amir onto the podcast to ask him the best or worst moment of his life. However, this is one of those times where they could have spoken to the guest for five hours. They talked about Dynast's journey from Sacramento to the college football field and tracks at Georgia to the corporate world and finally to visiting Africa and becoming a prince. 


Our guest Dynast Amir, full name Dynast Abefe Adewale Amir, is a dynamic, globetrotting, entrepreneur and philanthropist, whom has a passion for life and seeing the success of others. Dynast was born Albert Horton Hollis II in Sacramento, CA but considers himself a displaced African who just happened to be born in America. He attended Christian Brothers High School in Sacramento, where he would star in track and football earning 1st team Parade and USA Today High School All-American honors in football. After graduating from Christian Brothers, he would then take his talents to the University of Georgia. He would letter in track and football and graduate with a degree in Agricultural Business. After a short stint in modeling and acting, he would take his talents to Corporate America. Dynast would finish in the top 10% in sales for two fortune 500 companies organizations, Aflac and Cintas. This culminated with him finishing #1 in the entire sales organization at Cintas Corporation in 2014. In 2018.

Follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/searchforuhuru/

Check out his books and his other projects at https://www.dynastamir.com/

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