34: Moving Pictures Pt.3 (Classic Cinematic Climax)

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Oct 18 2020 83 mins  

The Truth Shall Make Ye Fret is a podcast in which your hosts, Joanna Hagan-Young and Francine Carrel, read and recap every book from Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series in chronological order. 

This week, Part 3 of our recap of “Moving Pictures”. 

Apocryphal Anecdotes! Spongy Death! Snacks! 

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Things we blathered on about:

Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series 2005–2008) - IMDb

The Birth of a Nation - Wikipedia

How 'The Birth of a Nation' Revived the Ku Klux Klan - History.com

Bonus: Reaction to NYCC 2020 The Watch (Discworld 'Inspired' TV Show) Panel - YouTube

Cinema fans say it again, Sam - The Independent

Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers: Let's Face the Music and Dance - YouTube

Claire Rayner - Wikipedia

Polynesian Stick Charts - The Nonist

A Serial Killer's Guide to Life (2019) - IMDb

King Kong (1933)- Climbing the Empire State Building Scene - YouTube

Music: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com