S2E5_Creator | Comedian | " De To' " - Gadiel Del Orbe

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Jun 15 2020 67 mins  

*Spanglish Alert* 
You probably know Gadiel Del Orbe from a super relatable and funny video widely spread via Buzzfeed / Pero Like. This hilarious human is originally from New York City, both his mother and father where born in the Dominican Republic. In New York City Gadiel joined the United States Navy to start a new life. He was later stationed in San Diego and soon fell in love with the City of San Diego. After the Naval Gadiel Started to pursue a career in comedy, which includes comedy videos and stand up comedy.

During our conversation, he shares with us some of his - ups and downs- throughout his life, reasons why he left NYC and joined the Navy, then moving forward to a career as a comedian and most recently, finally achieving one of his life goals, BEING A LANDLORD. 

I am so grateful for his time and I'm not kidding when I say, you seriously can not miss this episode!

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