My Evolved Life | Episode #1 - Chelsey Love | Succeed Without Diets

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Nov 14 2019 38 mins  

Welcome to My Evolved Life, a podcast that simplifies health and fitness, and helps you maximize your life.

Our guest today is Chelsey Love, a Registered Dietitian since 2010. We had a great conversation about nutrition and covered topics such as intuitive eating, how to read a label, the importance of getting screened for celiac disease, and much more.

I learned a lot, and so will you!

2:20 – Diets from the standpoint of a Registered Dietitian
3:05 – The difference between dieting and fad dieting?
4:49 – Small changes that you can make (small is different for everyone)
6:43 – Health first, weight loss second
8:00 – Top food myths Chelsey would like to debunk
10:56 – Social media and its contribution to food myths
11:28 – Which professionals on social media are worth listening to
13:40 – “Food rules”
15:20 – Breaking down carbohydrates
17:00 – Celiac disease and symptoms of celiac disease
20:23 – (Not all) fats are bad
23:10 – Understanding product labels
24:00 – Thoughts on calorie counting
26:05 – Thoughts on intuitive eating
29:25 – Challenging the “food police”
30:41 – A piece of practical advice
32:08 – Creating a balanced plate


Chelsey is a private practice Registered Dietitian. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Food & Nutrition at the University of Prince Edward Island and her dietetic internship program in Edmonton. She’s been helping clients reach their health goals since 2010. 

Chelsey believes food is one of life’s pleasures that is meant to be enjoyed, not feared. Her mission is to help clients find their happy place with food and their bodies. To help them feel fantastic - without restriction, gimmicks, or yo-yo dieting. She loves debunking food myths and simplifying nutrition information so that her clients feel empowered to make healthy habit changes that are enjoyed long term.

Chelsey’s career has focused on one-to-one counseling, specializing in weight concerns, heart health, and food relationship. She has a strong interest in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, fueled by her father’s sudden passing from a heart attack in 2013.  This made Chelsey even more passionate about helping her clients lower their risk.

When outside of dietitian-land, Chelsey is found playing with her toddler, hitting an exercise class, getting some fresh air, or relaxing at home with her husband and a cold beer. 

Instagram: @DietitianChels


You're watching to My Evolved Life, a podcast that simplifies health and fitness, and helps you maximize your life.

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