My Evolved Life | Episode #2 - Lauren Romeril | Get Ahead of Pain

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Nov 21 2019 31 mins  

Welcome to My Evolved Life, a podcast that simplifies health and fitness, and helps you maximize your life.

In today's episode, I had a great conversation with Lauren Romeril, a physiotherapist, about rehabilitation. We talked about how to get ahead of pain, how to manage pain when you have it, and how physical pain can really start to manifest itself in other areas of your life.

It was a great conversation!

4:53 - Pain doesn't have to be the focus of your life
7:57 - What is rehab?
8:58 - Being proactive with your health
11:46 - When should you seek help from a physiotherapist?
12:35 - Is it safe to self-diagnose pain?
14:31 - Is it safe to self-treat pain?
18:51 - How to set your kids up for long-term success
21:45 - The importance of getting your children active year-round
24:00 - Worst case scenario of not addressing pain
29:45 - What living an Evolved Life looks like to Lauren


Lauren first began her journey with physiotherapy as a small child recovering from surgery and has been passionate about the benefits of physiotherapy since. 
She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor's in Exercise Science and then went on to graduate from the University of Queensland, in Brisbane Australia, with her Masters in Physiotherapy. Since then she has continued her education with training in vestibular rehabilitation, concussion assessment and management, yoga for pain care, clinical pilates for rehabilitation as well as acupuncture. She focuses on evidence-based practiced and functional treatment that not only works with you to improve your health but to also keep you engaged in your own treatment. She is passionate about wellness and wellbeing and how those impact our physical being. 

In her personal time, Lauren has a passion for running, boxing and practicing yoga as well as staying active.  When she is not working she is most often found reading or listening to music with her two children.



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