My Evolved Life | Episode #3 - Marin McCue | Take Control of Mental Health

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Nov 28 2019 49 mins  

In today's episode, I had a wonderful conversation with Marin McCue, a mind-body-life coach, about mindset. We covered topics such as how to take control of your mental health, how to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your life, and the physiological side of mental health.

Take control of your mental health!

2:51 - What "mental health" means to Marin
5:16 - What are practical steps to become more "aware" of trigger points
9:38 - How to begin your meditation practice
13:05 - Do our phones prevent us from being mindful?
16:35 - Why are we talking about mental health so openly today?
20:58 - Optimizing mental health
25:16 - What you can do to optimize your mental health
30:22 - Are we negatively affecting children by oversharing our state of mental health?
35:33 - Learning the difference between "trauma" and "TRAUMA"


Marin is a Yoga teacher (LIV and Yoga Nova), spin/cycle motivator (YYC cycle), bootcamp and climb class leader (KULT), author (first book is titled Be The Change), wellness retreat facilitator, one-on-one mind-body-life coach, keynote speaker, and a Mental Health Strength Training consultant for businesses here in Calgary. 

From an early age, while pursuing and achieving the goal of playing basketball in the NCAA, she struggled with depression, self-harm, an eating disorder, and crippling anxiety. She completed a Bachelor's degree with a focus on Psychology and Philosophy, and now teaches people how to heal themselves and optimize their mental health. It has become her mission to normalize mental health struggles, inspire others to be vulnerable and open, and utilize the power of growing and healing together.

Instagram: @dopeame


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