My Evolved Life | Episode #4 - Miryah Scott | Happiness Comes From Within

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Dec 05 2019 41 mins  

In today's episode, I had an insightful conversation with Miryah Scott, a 3x World Champion Fitness Model, about body image. We covered topics such as the relationship between happiness and your body, the importance of having a growth mindset on the trajectory of your life, and the importance of not allowing the opinions of others affect you.

It was a powerful conversation.

4:25 - The negative voices in my head
9:33 - Miryah's journey through competition
14:20 - Having the best body in the world didn't make her happy
20:59 - Miryah's biggest lesson
24:18 - How she approaches her body today
26:52 - No more gyms, Freedom Fit Pass is born


Miryah has been active for most of her life. However, in her 20’s, after transitioning from a student and a waitress into a corporate role, she (like so many others) struggled with balance and experienced significant weight gain.  

Poor self image and depression lead her to short term satisfactions like food, alcohol, and fake friends. Miryah was on a downward spiral, but there was a voice within her that said, “You are going through this for a reason”. She listened to that voice and hired a personal trainer. Miryah lost significant amount of weight, found confidence, balance, and happiness again.

It was then that she was encouraged to participate in her first fitness competition.   

Fast forward, Miryah retired as a 3x undefeated World Champion Fitness Model, with four international magazine covers, and several sponsorships. But despite the accolades, accomplishments, and praise of being called the best body in the world, Miryah was still alone, depressed and unsatisfied.  

Instagram: @freedomfitpass


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