My Evolved Life | Episode #5 - Shane Iutzi | Learn to Defend Yourself

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Dec 12 2019 44 mins  

In today's episode, I had an deep conversation with Shane Iutzi, a local trainer, about the importance of self-defense. We covered topics such as situational awareness, the difference between responsiveness and reactiveness, and the importance of talking to your children about these situations.

Violence Doesn't Discriminate

2:58 - What is the most important part of self-defense?
4:25 - What is situational awareness?
9:41 - Self-defense isn't about learning how to fight
12:16 - Self-defense is like First Aid and CPR
17:46 - Self-defense is more than physical 
20:12 - The verbal side of self-defense
24:39 - How to keep your kids safe and prepared
31:12 - Why males don’t pursue self-defense
34:55 - The difference between being reactive and responsive


With the help of his wife, Shane started LifeArmourYYC with the hope of bringing real world self defence training to Calgary. Since that time, they have expanded their company to offer Police Prep and DefenceFit programs.

Over the past 15 years with Alberta Health Services Protective Services, Shane has had the honor of training over 100 Peace Officers in Tactical Safety.

He's traveled to the United States on several occasions to train with different military, law enforcement, and martial arts professionals to hone his skills.

Instagram: @lifearmouryyc


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